Warning; I post a lot of one direction, and I'm 110% sarcastic. That wasn't sarcasm.
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Getting my muscles on 💪 #protein #theproteinworks #healthy (at Liverpool)
Avoided all the chips and sausages and brownies in work #iwillbehealthy
Last night #Liverpool #out #party  (at Concert Square, Liverpool)
Fab day back at Anfield, nice little 4-0 win! If we play how we did today when the league starts next week we’ve got a good shout! #wegoagain #lfc #ynwa #anfield (at Anfield)
Off to town to meet Neve and co before I spend the night babysitting 👍 (at Liverpool City Centre)
What an exciting lunch 😂 apple, pear, hummus chips and quark mixed with peanut butter, and a lovely cup of tea in my favourite mug 😍
Shittest day in work, can’t wait to sleep 👍
In love with my kimono 😍🇯🇵 #girl #lipstick #kimono  (at Liverpool)
Literally in love with my new #kimono 😍 (at Liverpool)


Anonymous said: Holy shit, you're fucking hott

Oh my god Thank youuuu, I’m so not though!

So happy to be getting into bed. Feel like I could sleep for 3 weeks!  (at Liverpool)
Such a crap drawing, but a quick rough idea of the thigh tattoo I want. Not sure if I want colour or not. #tattoo #design #deer #stag  (at Upton Rocks Park)
I’m in a mood and I don’t know why. Cup of tea, Mars bar and Spanish should sort me out. Could do with a milkshake and a hug though 😞
#100dayshappy #day92 such a nice day today 😍☀️ (at Liverpool)